Obama’s SCOTUS nominee shows up in Hillary’s private emails

Isn’t it ironic? Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton once referenced President Obama’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland in a private email exchange from 2012, according to the […]

Planned Parenthood president shows up at WH after SCOTUS announcement – why eyebrows are raised

The Obama administration received a visit from a long-time ally immediately following the announcement of the president’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, […]

Four years of SHRILL! Twitter erupts over Hillary’s shrieking voice in victory speech last night

While giving her victory speech Tuesday night after sweeping a number of state primaries, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton sounded like she was about to lose her voice from screeching. It was […]

Governor threatens to build wall around California if Trump becomes president

What Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., just promised to do if GOP front-runner Donald Trump becomes president may turn out to be the most persuasive pro-Trump argument conservatives […]

Report: Top conservatives eye possible third party; anything to take out Trump

It seems GOP establishment types will stop at nothing to defeat Donald Trump. Three prominent Republicans are convening a meeting just two days after today’s primaries to […]

Trump reportedly ‘left OFF’ ballot at some Florida polling stations; complaints pile in

As voters across Florida are voting in the GOP presidential primary today, the results are set to be the most talked about state primary returns in the race […]

KKK leader just announced he’s voting Hillary; will mainstream media bite?

Donald Trump has been continuously lamented by the mainstream media for the alleged support by the white supremacist hate group known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). […]

Hillary, Dem congressman vow to help 1 million immigrants gain citizenship before election

In order for Democrats to win elections these days, some are all but admitting that they have to essentially change the electorate, which shows just how unpopular Democrat […]

Protest backfires; Florida Republicans ‘more likely’ to back Trump after Chicago riot

A Donald Trump Chicago rally that turned ugly when hundreds of violent, leftist rioters showed up to protest the event may have benefited the GOP front-runner’s street […]

Father of son killed by illegal immigrant says Rubio, Kasich should be tried for ‘treason’

Spencer Golvach, 25 years-old, was stopped at a traffic light in Texas when out of nowhere an illegal immigrant pulled up next to him and shot him in the […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told police not to arrest violent, anti-Trump rioters, cop sources say

The protests which broke out ahead of Donald Trump’s Chicago campaign rally last week quickly became violent riots when Bernie Sanders supporters and members of the Black Lives […]

‘Conservative’ group attacking Trump allowed Rubio to push amnesty, expand cheap foreign labor

GOP-front runner Donald Trump has a common enemy with the conservative movement Club for Growth, a “conservative” organization that espouses to promote economic freedom, while shilling for […]

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