Media’s hysterical over Trump’s ‘violent’ comments; here are the top 5 most violent Obama quotes ever

Check out the most violent remarks by Obama that have gone ignored by the media:

Malia Obama was caught smoking something at Lollapalooza, and yes, there’s video

Malia Obama is once again making headlines . . .

Trump shows his appreciation to Dan Bongino for his total smackdown of ‘dumb as a rock’ Don Lemon

Donald Trump has some choice words for Lemon after he tried to rip him to shreds.

Trump responds to Hillary’s new emails revealing ‘pay-to-play’ schemes at State Department and it’s brutal

Donald Trump’s campaign isn’t missing a beat.

Benghazi survivor says he hopes Hillary’s email server WAS hacked because of what it will prove

“I’m hoping, and it’s sad to say . . .”

Muslim flight attendant to sue airline because SHE refuses to serve alcohol on flights

After being suspended from ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol to patrons, a Muslim flight attendant is suing the Atlanta-based airline. The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter […]

Former Secret Serviceman is REALLY ticked off at Republicans still opposing Trump; gives dire warning

“What is this, some bizarre theoretical exercise to you where you think you’re making some kind of a point by supporting Hillary Clinton?”

Will Smith says America has to ‘cleanse’ itself of Trump supporters – anyone see a boycott coming?

That’s not all he said while he was in Dubai promoting his new film.

Hillary’s response to Orlando terrorist’s dad being front and center at her rally is pathetic

Instead of disavowing Seddique Mateen’s attendance at her rally . . .

WikiLeaks drops Hillary email labeled ‘tick tock on Libya’ – will Rush’s prediction come true?

Just a few days ago, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh made a big prediction about Clinton’s involvement in Libya

Wa-Po stops pretending it’s not a Hillary shill; now investigating ‘just how big are Trumps’ hands?’

Instead of reporting on the ongoing Democratic National Committee leaks scandal or Hillary Clinton’s email scandal . . .

Hillary’s VP compares being picked as her running mate to being kidnapped — this is gaffe-tastic!

Naturally, Kaines’ comments set off Twitter users: