Trump has media running circles with series of open taunts: I love watching them try to figure me out

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Following GOP nominee Donald Trump’s statement that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS, he got the mainstream media running in circles.

Trump tweeted just how hysterical the media is over his statements, as he taunted them with more mind games.

Check it out:

Judging from the majority of morning news coverage, the media took the bait.

CNN media pundits were hysterical over Trump’s comments that Obama and Clinton founded and co-founded ISIS, with Brian Stelter going on a wild conspiracy about how the language was “coded.”

Trump even had Democrats running in circles with the comments. House of Representative Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, for instance, said the Iraq War actually helped create ISIS, but the only problem is that Clinton supported the war, Trump on the other hand, did not.

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