Hillary gives economic speech sounding JUST LIKE Trump – and everyone’s noticing!

“Had no idea Hillary was now a Trump surrogate.”

DOJ refuses FBI investigation into Clinton Foundation, then CNN stealth edits damning story

This is “big.”

Ronald Reagan’s shooter will likely get his wish to vote because, unbelievably, he can

The would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan is free and eligible to vote for Hillary Clinton for president in the upcoming 2016 election, reports say. John Hinckley, who […]

Just after Freddie Gray case dropped, DOJ says Baltimore cops ‘racist,’ take steps for fed takeover

It’s all a part of the plan.

Farrah Abraham’s disturbing way of sending daughter to school had her yanked into principal’s office

What’s a mom to do when your 7-year-old wants to wear makeup to school? If you’re “Teen Mom” start Farrah Abraham, you let the child do as […]

Hillary’s campaign rallies are so boring, her staff had to go the extra mile just to energize crowd


Former-Navy SEAL, gubernatorial candidate’s new ad will have libs grasping their blankies

A Republican candidate for governor in Missouri has found a way to fire up the voters, rolling out the big guns against politics as usual. In a […]

Feud between Giuliani and CNN’s Cuomo gets so hot show doesn’t break for 32 minutes!

Giuliani won’t let him spin it.

Olympic Rings
Muslim nations can’t put away the hate, reportedly harass Israeli Olympians

Israeli competitors are enduring slights, sneers and discrimination at the hands of other athletes at the Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Games. And, unsurprisingly, the […]

Trump has time to win the election. But in 6 battleground states, voting is about to begin

“We no longer have an Election Day, we have an Election Month”…

CNN host goes bonkers over Trump’s ‘coded’ ISIS message — this guy is triggered!

“That’s what that is.”

School district’s new ‘anti-bullying’ policy says faculty can’t call students ‘girls and boys,’ but that’s not all

Eliminating boy and girl references is one of several policies…

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