What’s more trusted than Hillary? This condom marketer has the hilarious answer

Big bucks could be on the horizon.

Hillary’s cozy relationship with media making it difficult to find an ‘unbiased’ moderator for first debate

Still waiting…

Al Roker’s ’embarrassing’ over-the-top behavior left some ‘Today’ show staff squirming

NBC staff thought that he to it way too far.

Armed robbers get locked in cellphone store while the crowd outside laughs at them for it: Priceless video!

This is the stuff of internet legend.

Change of plans this year: Obama snubs regular Clinton Global Initiative gathering

White House official told Politico the questions about the Clinton Foundation and CGI had “nothing to do with the decision” to have Obama skip the meeting with the Clinton cabal.

Screamin’ Howard Dean is back to tell us ‘not one damn thing has been found in any of Hillary’s emails’

Howard might be “out there,” but ya gotta give him credit for persistence.

‘Heartbroken’ Obama finally shows up in Louisiana. Twitter promptly jumps all over him

“Yes, the rest of us have been heartbren for two weeks.”

Dorothy Jacks finds experience invaluable in race for Palm Beach County Property Appraiser

In the race for Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, it’s a matter of experience over politics.

Hillary plays a ‘fun game’ with Jimmy Kimmel until Ivanka Trump puts an end to the party

“Is it bad?” Kimmel asked.

Devonte Hart
Are the police racist? This MUST-WATCH video counters BLM with one truth bomb after another

Americans are being misled to believe that black Americans are under attack by police.

Sarah Palin takes a shot on Twitter over Team Trump shake-up

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a little fun on after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accepted the resignation of his campaign manager.

Muslim prayer rooms forced on American businesses; they’re coming, and here’s why

Get ready America, it’s coming.

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