Texas waiter fires gun when raucous customers get ‘abusive,’ diner shuts down for ‘couple hours’

Reminder to tip your waiter… especially in Texas.

CEO at center of EpiPen price gouging is Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter, but this sick saga gets much worse

“Greed on steroids” can’t begin to describe it.

‘USA Today’ calls for the Clinton Foundation to be ‘mothballed’ – forever

This has got to hurt.

Frustrated Border Patrol authority says agents are ‘handcuffed,’ feds won’t let them do their jobs

Immigration and border security experts blasted Congress and the administration for its failure to support border patrol agents and remedy the immigration problem in the U.S. “What […]

Democrat strategist dumps Hillary, explains why he’s starting a movement – for Trump

“We had 25 manufacturing plants …”

Video shows inmate rescuing officer as he’s attacked by another inmate

This isn’t how it usually goes.

What’s more trusted than Hillary? This condom marketer has the hilarious answer

Big bucks could be on the horizon.

Tragic: Veteran allegedly turned away at VA hospital kills himself in parking lot

“Someone dropped the ball.”

Trump’s comments on immigration bad timing for Ann Coulter — and she lets him know it

For author and political commentator Anne Coulter, Donald Trump‘s possible change in his immigration stance is bad for business. As the Republican presidential nominee spoke at a […]

Associated Press won’t bow to Clinton camp’s demand, refuses to alter damning tweet

“You don’t correct what isn’t wrong.”

Desperate Hillary sinks lower than pond scum with new ad trying to link Donald Trump to KKK

“There’s a reason the most hateful fringe of the right wing is supporting Donald Trump.”

What did you hear about the black cop who shot an unarmed, deaf, white man? Crickets

It doesn’t fit the media narrative.

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