Texas waiter fires gun when raucous customers get ‘abusive,’ diner shuts down for ‘couple hours’

If you ever find yourself dining in San Antonio, you’ll want to treat the wait staff courteously.

Tip generously, thank them for their service, and never, ever argue with them about your order … they may be packing heat.

Lunch service at the Little Red Barn Steakhouse in the city’s historic southeast side came to a screeching halt Wednesday when a waiter didn’t take too kindly to two customers’ claim that they were given the wrong order.

clip via KSAT 12 News

The customers were loud, abusive and even got physical with the waiter, according to other diners.

So the waiter decided to settle the matter Texas-style — by drawing his sidearm and firing three shots into the ceiling before running out the door, according to local ABC affiliate KSAT 12 News.

The Little Red Barn Steakhouse, which has ben serving the needs of hungry San Antonio diners for more than 50 years, issued a statement saying that firearms aren’t allowed on the premises by employees, prompting this tweet:

The San Antonio Police Department reported that both the waiter and one of the abusive customers could be facing charges. The reporter on the scene said the diner was back in business in a couple of hours.

Another diner captured footage of the incident on his cell phone.

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clip via KSAT 12 News


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