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Democrat strategist dumps Hillary, explains why he’s starting a movement – for Trump

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A Democratic strategist is dumping support for his party’s presidential nominee and is going all in for Republican Donald Trump.

“Trumpocrat” Christian Rickers, who appeared Thursday on “Fox & Friends,” said his decision is as much about Hillary Clinton as it is Trump.

Clip via Fox News Channel

“While most media outlets across the country are talking about the 50 or so Washington insider Republicans — retired people who are supporting Hillary —- there are hundreds of thousands of Democrats, voters in key battleground states that are strong supporters of Donald Trump,” Rickers told “Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Rickers is the executive director of the TrumpocratsPAC, which also has a Facebook page under the name American Uprising.

He cast his primary vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, but when the Vermont independent lost to the former secretary of state, Rickers said he felt he had to play on the other side’s team.


It all came down to bread-and-butter economics for Rickers.

“I came from a very small town where we had 25 manufacturing plants 20 years ago, and now there’s one,” he said.

Trump is “the only one talking about rebuilding infrastructure and manufacturing in this country,” Rickers said.

By comparison, Rickers said Clinton is more interested in globalization.

He added that he and his cohorts will be visiting key states to get out their message.

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