am flag2
Firefighters all over rise up over attempt to ban flags; ‘we’re not taking our flags off our fire trucks today’

“The only people who had a problem with American flags on firetrucks were politicians — see Democrats.”

Sarah Palin takes a shot on Twitter over Team Trump shake-up

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a little fun on Twitter after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accepted the resignation of his campaign manager.

Trump sign thief leaves note for retired firefighter, veteran

Your move, sir.

‘I was blown away’: What Trump did to impress tough-as-nails Judge Jeanine

She’s not easy to impress.

Muslim prayer rooms forced on American businesses; they’re coming, and here’s why

Get ready America, it’s coming.

BBC reporter desperately tries to convince viewers the couple on the beach behind him were NOT having sex

The attention was so intense that Walker later took to Twitter to calm the fires.

Al Roker stirs up ‘white privilege’ narrative after rant about Ryan Lochte’s robbery story

It got so tense that at one point Bush had to ask Roker to “calm down.”

naked Trump
What if they were naked Hillary statues? One writer isn’t afraid to ask

The statues are the end result of a project titled “The Emperor Has No Balls” and depicts a totally naked Trump, complete with a huge gut and tiny genitalia.

baton rouge screen shot
Team Hillary accused of using flooding to raise money for HERSELF – see ‘disgusting’ email

” Trump passes out aid to those suffering, Hillary asks them for money.”

Victims are seething at Obama’s offensive guidance memo about flood relief – it’s a warning about RACISM

No visit . . . Just politically motivated, racially laced memos.

Obama did make it to Louisiana? Photo of President Putt-Putt ‘playing through’ devastating flood goes viral

The magic of photo-shop . . . to mock Obama.

Crazy VIDEO: Mob of protesters push, punch, spit on Trump donors leaving fundraiser

And a protester jumping on a vehicle in Trump’s motorcade.