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Obama did make it to Louisiana? Photo of President Putt-Putt ‘playing through’ devastating flood goes viral

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After consulting with  officials on when the best time to visit would be, the Obama White House announced on Friday that President Barack Obama will visit the flood ravaged state next Tuesday.

…ironically, they decided on Tuesday, 18 days after the president and the first family arrived at Martha’s Vineyard for an announced 17-day vacation.

CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller noted that the president is “eager to get a first-hand look.”

Meanwhile the commander-in-chief remains on the golf course, prompting social media users to employ the magic of photo-shopping to mock Obama as if he had already made an appearance:

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When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took the lead in touring flood-ravaged Louisiana on Friday while Obama continues his summer vacation, some residents joined in to mock the president:

All in all, a fitting response given the rank hypocrisy of Obama’s lackluster response to the epic flooding in Baton Rouge. A response being ignored by the media, while George W. Bush was ripped apart over his response to Hurricane Katrina.

Tom Tillison


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