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BBC reporter desperately tries to convince viewers the couple on the beach behind him were NOT having sex

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The reaction to the activity of a couple in the background of a live report was so intense a BBC reporter felt compelled to comment on it.

BBC reporter Dan Walker was in the middle of a live report from the Summer Olympics on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro when a couple behind him began commanding all the attention — social media users were convinced the man and woman were having sex on the beach!

But Walker quickly dashed any such thoughts.

“For those asking what’s going on in the background on social media now, we’re not going to zoom in, but rest assured it’s not… it’s not ‘that’, it’s just a hug … they’re reading a book … they are reading a book in a strange pose,” he said with a chuckle.

“It’s merely a book. We’ll find out what the book is … maybe.. a little bit later on,” Walker added.

The attention was so intense that Walker later took to Twitter to calm the fires.

“Just for clarification, they were reading a book!!! That couple were definitely reading a book,” he tweeted.

As for how convincing the BBC reporter was, an online poll by The Telegraph tells the tale:

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Tom Tillison


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