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Crazy VIDEO: Mob of protesters push, punch, spit on Trump donors leaving fundraiser

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Protesters spit on, shoved and verbally berated Donald Trump boosters at a Friday fundraiser in Minnesota.

The oh-so-tolerant leftists got out of hand as attendees left the Minneapolis Convention Center following the fundraiser, The Star Tribune reported.

Attackers targeted the Trump supporters, including elderly women, with punches and garbage.

“Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center,” Patrick Condon of the Star Tribune reported.

Protesters tried to defended their deplorable behavior.

“You’ve got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows,” protesters Giselda Gutierrez, told the Star Tribune. “I think what he’s saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country.”

Even more dangerous is being assaulted by thugs because they support someone others don’t like.

Attendees had to make a run for it as the mob got violent.

Other scenes from the event included the miscreants burning the American flag.

And a protester jumping on a vehicle in Trump’s motorcade.

Carmine Sabia


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