Firefighters all over rise up over attempt to ban flags; ‘we’re not taking our flags off our fire trucks today’

Firefighters around the country are taking a stand in support of the Arlington Fire District after it was ordered by fire commissioners in upstate New York to stop flying American flags from its trucks.

The commission said flags were a “liability during normal operations for our people and other motorists,” although they opted to compromise after a public outcry and allowed ONE FIRE TRUCK to fly “Old Glory.”

East Meadow Fire Department Chief John McGee supports Arlington and told “Fox & Friends Weekend” the only people who had a problem with American flags on firetrucks were politicians — see Democrats.

“I don’t think it’s anybody else but the politicians,” McGee said. “Firefighters always fly a flag to show patriotism. It shows pride, morale for the membership in the fire department. And I believe that flying this flag is a great thing for this country to show who we are and what we’re about.”

His department proudly flies the flag on their trucks and the fire chief would like to see every fire department do the same.

“We want it to be on every truck, every fire department,” McGee said, before announcing a campaign to promote adorning fire trucks with the American flag.

“Big rallies, firefighters coming together bringing our trucks together and flying that flag loud and proud,” he said. “Driving everywhere and letting everybody know we are not taking our flags off our fire trucks today.”

God Bless America.

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Tom Tillison


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