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‘I was blown away’: What Trump did to impress tough-as-nails Judge Jeanine

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On Friday, Judge Jeanine Pirro went on “Fox and Friends” to discuss Thursday’s announcement that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence would be visiting flood-ravaged areas in Louisiana.

Comparing this move to when Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border following the announcement of his candidacy, Pirro made the case for the kind of hands-on president the billionaire would be.

“That’s the kind of president that, if elected, he will be,” said Pirro, who also mentioned the awkward fact that President Obama hasn’t yet interrupted his Martha’s Vineyard golfing vacation to visit the state.

“This is consistent with President Obama. He doesn’t feel our pain, he doesn’t make-believe he feels our pain. Let him go off into the sunset on his golf cart.”

“Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Michael Pence get it. They’re going to Louisiana. They’re gonna make sure they connect with the people there,” Pirro said.

The judge’s comments proved prophetic, as not only did Trump and Pence make a stop in the hard-hit area, he also rolled in with a donated 18-wheeler full of supplies for people who desperately needed them.

The conversation segued into the turn Trump has made this campaign, especially his recent apology.

“I was blown away,” the judge said. “I thought the apology was heartfelt …”

The panel discussed the fact that his speeches have seemed more “natural” of late, and whether or not that had to do with his campaign shakeups.

Whatever it is, Mr. Trump, keep it up!

Watch the segment below:


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