What Andrea Tantaros accused ex-Sen Scott Brown of doing to her in sexual harassment suit; his response

A short time later, Brown elaborated with a more detailed statement.

James Carville is NOT happy about attacks on the Clinton Foundation: ‘Somebody is going to hell’

“What the Clinton Foundation does, it takes money from rich people and gives it to poor people.”

He just couldn’t help himself: James Woods tweets hilarious image of Obama in Louisiana

How could he not see this coming?

Politico reporter sets Dan Bongino into a blind rage: F-bomb-laced tirade to end all other tirades!

“You don’t give me orders! Do you undertand you piece of s**t?!”

Mike Rowe scolds media pimping ‘uneducated white males’ as Trump supporters

“The media has minimized your work, insulted your intelligence, and ignored your contribution to civilized life.”

ABC nails Hillary for pay-to-play with crown prince of Bahrain

Bahrain had given the foundation between $50,000 and $100,000.

‘Heartbroken’ Obama finally shows up in Louisiana. Twitter promptly jumps all over him

“Yes, the rest of us have been heartbroken for two weeks.”

School sends parents Pledge of Allegiance waiver; you can imagine how that’s going over

“And for those few ignorants that believe wars are fought for the right to protest the pledge . . . “

Texas teacher’s new homework policy is going viral

A Texas grade-school teacher is changing her homework policy and it has caused a big stir.

Tyler Perry has an answer for critics dogging him about nearly all-white cast for new TV series

Excellent answer!

What Hillary said to trigger Dem focus group to ‘one of worst responses ever seen, and not just in this election’

“Her response convinced nobody,”Luntz said.

Confirmed abuse: Check out the donors’ special access that new Clinton emails revealed

“These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors,”

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