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Tyler Perry has an answer for critics dogging him about nearly all-white cast for new TV series

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Actor, producer and director Tyler Perry gave the perfect response to criticism for casting mostly white people in his new eight-part TLC series, “Too Close to Home.”

People are people,” the 46-year-old filmmaker told TMZ.

Clip via TMZ

“Are you really asking me about that?” Perry said. “That’s so ridiculous, man. People are people. People just need to let — it’s ridiculous. If you write a story about a woman and a man who’s having pain and issues and trying to get over things, it’s the same way for a black person as a white person.”

Perry would appear to be an advocate of the late civil rights leader, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who dreamt of a color-blind world where people were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

“People are people man. People need to let all that go.”

Sadly, Black Lives Matter advocates would disagree.

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