Forget emails, look at State Dept phone logs! 148 suspicious messages were just exposed

Mr. Comey better clear his schedule!

Rudy Giuliani: Conspiracy accusation or not, Hillary Clinton ‘looks sick’

“When I saw Hillary at the press conference sitting down with a Democrat-appointed police chief . . . “

Devonte Hart
Are the police racist? This MUST-WATCH video counters BLM with one truth bomb after another

Americans are being misled to believe that black Americans are under attack by police.

dicaprio screen shot
Who dumped who? Leonardo DiCaprio backs out of Hillary fundraiser due to ‘scheduling conflict’

The A-list Hollywood actor, a fervent Clinton supporter, was set to host the fundraiser with the candidate on Tuesday . . .

Army lists Hillary Clinton as an ‘insider threat’ in leaked powerpoint – ‘U.S. Army W.T.F! moments’

Army public affairs did not respond to a request for comment.

One member of the US Olympic team has post-game message that Trump fans are going to love!

Spreading the message globally?

Did welfare reform really throw 3.5 million children into third world poverty? The facts may surprise you

CBS News asserts that, because of welfare reform, “ … America is joining the likes of Third World countries.”

Oh, snap! Trump supporters have a couple of choice chants for CNN

Well, that’s pretty direct.

NYC cab drivers no longer required to pass English test under new law – not everyone is thrilled

But not everyone is thrilled with the decision.

Top Fox News analyst makes move to CNN; do stars have an out because Ailes left?

“Some of Fox’s biggest stars have clauses in their contracts that allow them to leave because Ailes left.”

Hillary Clinton Foundation
Ten days, 5 authors and a typo later, Hillary has a response to Louisiana floods

Comments to Clinton’s statement were not kind. In fact, some were even brutal.

FBI finds 15,000 NEW emails Hillary didn’t disclose; potential bombshell right before election

“FBI found almost 15,000 new Clinton documents,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted Monday morning.