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CNN host goes bonkers over Trump’s ‘coded’ ISIS message — this guy is triggered!

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CNN’s Brian Stelter went off the rails Thursday when he suggested GOP nominee Donald Trump is using “coded” messages to communicate that only he can understand.

Stelter told the CNN panel that Trump’s statement calling President Obama “the founder of ISIS” was “coded” language for saying that Obama is a traitor.

“Donald Trump says Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS,” Stelter said. “On one level, that’s a reference to foreign policy decisions by the Obama administration. On another level, that is a coded message suggesting the president of the United States is a traitor.”

“That’s what that is. It is a coded message,” Stelter continued on his conspiracy. “When we repeat that message and then we come on the air and fact check it, some people just take away the idea that it is true.

“They just hear it, and believe it. In fact, it reinforces people’s beliefs in some cases,” Stelter said. “That’s a problem for the media that I don’t have the answer to. Even if we talked for an hour, I don’t know what we do in those scenarios. What we’re doing right now isn’t working.”

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