‘She’s a bigot just like Hillary’; group posts a video of allegedly being refused service for being pro-Trump

Unless if your reason to celebrate is your support of Donald Trump for president.

This is all you need to know about third-party hopeful Evan McMullin

Mr. McMullin, I hope your 15-seconds of fame was worth it.

DNC hacker just published House Democrats’ cell phone numbers, hacked Nancy Pelosi

Shared names and passwords . . .

White House considers eliminating ban on lobbyists for Hillary Clinton–and it is alarming watchdogs

“he failed to uphold one of the major pledges of his 2008 campaign”…

Trump makes it clear he’s ‘not that sarcastic’ about Obama being the founder of ISIS

“Obviously I’m being sarcastic”…

Everything you need to know about the 4 states voting on gun control this November

“2016 will be the year of gun sense”…

Trump supporter does what every red-blooded American wants to do when meeting CNN reporters

“Up yours!” was just for starters!

CNN host is appalled when Ben Carson argues Hillary Clinton can’t win without cheating

Erin Burnett can’t wrap her mind around the concept of “voter fraud.”

Trump may have gotten Glenn Beck to finally cave — wait until you see what was sent to supporters

This is awkward.

Cops allowed back in to patrol Baltimore schools under one ridiculous condition

Maybe “dangerous” is a more suitable word.

Unapologetic Rand Paul says there’s only one place for Hillary Clinton — behind bars

“Everyone should be treated the same under the law.”

Hillary Clinton Foundation
Hillary’s newly released tax forms show almost all ‘charitable donations’ went to the Clinton Foundation

Well, well, well.

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