CNN host is appalled when Ben Carson argues Hillary Clinton can’t win without cheating

CNN’s Erin Burnett grilled Dr. Ben Carson on claims made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that a Hillary Clinton win in Pennsylvania would involve cheating.

Trump made his comment during a rally Friday night in the Keystone State.  Burnett seemed focused on getting Carson’s reaction to the statement moments later on CNN.

“He’s obviously referring to some of the well-known irregularities that occurred around the Philadelphia area in the last presidential election,” Carson said, steering the conversation toward the topics of voter fraud and voter I.D. laws.

But the CNN host did not seem interested, circling back to Trump’s use of the word “cheat.”

“Probably it would be a much better thing to concentrate on how to make sure there is no voter fraud,” the former presidential candidate and Trump supporter said.

Burnett pointed to poll numbers showing Clinton in the lead in Pennsylvania, and noted that the large margin “isn’t something that any voter fraud could explain away.”

“I guess I’m really just trying to understand, do you think he went too far when he said that she would cheat?” Burnett asked, trying to elicit the response she was looking for from Carson.

“I would have said it in a different way,” he replied.

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CNN video via Today News.


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