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Trump makes it clear he’s ‘not that sarcastic’ about Obama being the founder of ISIS

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump lashed out at critics in the media who attacked his comments about President Obama being the founder of ISIS.

“Obviously I’m being sarcastic … but not that sarcastic to be honest with you,” Trump said Friday at a campaign rally in Erie, Pa., The Hill reported.

The GOP nominee had come under fire for his controversial statement at a Florida rally on Wednesday, calling the president the founder of the Islamic State group, and accusing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of being the co-founder.

Media critics blasted Trump for what they reported as offensive language, with one CNN host accusing Trump of calling Obama a traitor.

By Friday, Trump tweeted messages about the media’s inability to grasp sarcasm, and how he enjoyed watching them try to figure him out.

At the Erie rally, he slammed the “dishonest media” for dissecting his words when they knew what he really meant, the Hill reported.

“These people are the lowest form of life,” Trump said. “They are the lowest form of humanity. Not all of them, they have about 25 percent that are pretty good, actually.”

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