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Trump supporter does what every red-blooded American wants to do when meeting CNN reporters

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Oh, to be a devil-may-care old person with nothing to lose and a boiling desire to “tell it like it is.”

This time, though, it wasn’t Donald Trump.

Instead, at one of Trump’s campaign events on Thursday in Kissimmee, Florida, an elderly rallygoer crossed the press pen and gave the CNN crew a big fat up-yours, presumably for being the Hillary Clinton shills they are.

“Traitor! Up yours!” the man said, while helpfully signing it out for them. “Pack your bags and get out of here!”

When asked what his name was, the man responded, “I am a patriot and you are a traitor!”

CNN producer Noah Gray, who was in the CNN press pen when it happened, uploaded this video to Twitter:

Later, Gray also Tweeted, “To be clear, the man came up to me as a was typing & said what I put in quotes, and then I started filming him & his interactions w/press.”


Speaking of rallies, Donald Trump Tweeted this stark comparison on Friday, along with a few words about the “corrupt media.”



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