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Cops allowed back in to patrol Baltimore schools under one ridiculous condition

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More than a year after a Maryland law prevented law enforcement officers from patrolling school campuses, they’re back walking the beat in some of Baltimore’s most dangerous and crime-ridden schools.

But there’s just one hitch. They’re not allowed to carry their weapons.

Clip via WBAL

Approximately 30 Baltimore-area schools will be subject to patrol, chosen because of school size, criminal history, input from administrators and student suspension data, according to local NBC affiliate WBAL News 11.

“Schools that have a history of homicides, robbery, aggravated assault, and other types of serious crimes are going to be the schools that will be selected to have the unarmed police officer in the building,” said Clyde Boatwright, with the school police union.

While patrolling the school campuses, law enforcement officers will be required to keep their weapons locked in a safe.

“That’s problematic. That is an unrealistic expectation of safety by having just a warm body in a uniform,” Boatwright said.

With or without weapons, parents are happy to see the officers return to the schools.

“I think that it’s good that they keep their weapons in a safe place, and I think it’s good they’re coming back without the weapons,” parent Khali Wilson said.

“I think them having the weapons or without the weapons is a good thing as long as they’re coming back to the schools,” parent Shana Coe said.

“The presence of the police in the school system is always good,” resident Kerisha Alvez-El said. “Even without a weapon.”

Perhaps the parents would feel differently about the no-weapon policy if they were the ones doing the patrolling.

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