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White woman randomly apologizes to black man for police violence; boy did she pick the wrong man!

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A black man was confronted by a white woman while shopping because she wanted to apologize for police violence against African-Americans.

Boy did she pick the wrong man.

This man took the next ten minutes, he said in his video rant, to explain to her that it was ridiculous to jump to conclusions about the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings before all evidence is available.

Then he took her to school about the real problems in the black community.

“The complete, utter breakdown of the family,” he said. “We have a 70 percent illegitimacy rate. What? A 70 percent abortion rate. Men are not home teaching their kids. Men are impregnating multiple women. There’s nobody teaching kids how to respect authority, and they’re watching the one parent that they have probably disrespecting authority. And that, my friends, is at the heart of the problem in the black community.

“And the other part of the problem is that the Democrat party is exploiting said black community. All of these Americans of African dissent are marching and complaining and moaning, and they don’t have a pot to p*ss in or a window to p*ss out of,” he continued.

“All of these people marching and complaining. Meanwhile, in their own backyards black folks are killing black folks at an alarming rate. Far more than white officers are shooting black people,” he said. “The Democrat party, The Progressive movement, George Soros, Black Lives Matter. They’re all dupes. You’re being played for chumps. Malcolm X said it in back in the 1960’s If you vote for a Democrat and you’re black you’re a chump.”

Watch the entire rant below.

**WARNING – Some Vulgar Language.**

[wpvideo 22fGyAcQ]

Carmine Sabia


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