Hillary said something to Fox News that really bugged actor James Woods – no worries, he corrected her

And his observation gave everyone an “aha” moment of clarity.

Light bulbs start to go off about the death of a Muslim soldier whose parents were pawns at the DNC

And as the lightbulbs clicked on above everyone’s head the replies rolled in.

How Hillary handled Fox News: ‘Chris, that’s not what I heard Director Comey say’ so I’ll just spin it from here

Wallace played clips of Comey telling Congress that Clinton’s assertion was untrue.

sanders supporter
VIDEO: Liberal voters tell why they’re ditching Dems, voting Trump

Nearly every protester we spe to proudly announced they would be leaving the Democrats for good.

68-year-old homeowner catches intruder, ties him to a tree – but when police arrive things get much worse

An Alabama burglar died after a homeowner caught him breaking into his home and tied him to a tree.

BS meter explodes when Hillary finally goes on Fox News, reveals ‘big’ secret about her mom and the network

Of all the revelations to emerge from Hillary Clinton‘s long awaited appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the most surprising may be that her deceased mother was “a […]

Judge loses it when female defendant arrives in court pant-less

“Is this for real? . . . Can we give her something to cover up with?”

3 Walmart employees chased shoplifter who stole DVDs, now they’re facing manslaughter charges

He was taken to a hospital, where he died and the Lakeland Police Department said . . .

The Muslim terrorist who murdered a priest in France will suffer a dishonorable fate

Muslims in the town are supportive of Karabila’s decision.

Senator says Congress is actually responsible for Obama’s executive overreach

“We haven’t been teaching what America means to the next generations…”

Trump lowers boom on Michael Bloomberg–now says he was ‘disaster’

Trump made it clear, if you strike at him, he hits back harder.

Hillary’s shortlist for Supreme Court justices surfaces–one of Obama’s favorites makes the cut

“It’s that simple, a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone,”

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