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Light bulbs start to go off about the death of a Muslim soldier whose parents were pawns at the DNC

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The impassioned Thursday night convention speech of Khizr Khan, the father of Humayun Khan who was a Muslim U.S. Army captain killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq, has managed to stir up loud and sometimes bitter debate.

Khan denounced Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration, stating that his family had assimilated into the United States and his son even paid the ultimate sacrifice, saving other soldiers’ lives at the cost of his own.

Even Fox News host Megyn was caught up by the emotion of the speech, resulting in a heated exchange with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee when she tried unsuccessfully to dissuade his approval of Trump’s position on the temporary ban of Muslim immigration.

Watch the testy exchange: Watch Megyn Kelly get testy with Mike Huckabee because she can’t turn him into a liberal thinker

Author and syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro brought the whole issue into clarity Sunday morning:

Shapiro, who is hardly a Trump supporter, stood on the Republican presidential nominee’s side of the issue with this tweet:

And as the light bulbs clicked on above everyone’s head the replies rolled in.

One can’t help but feel sympathy for Khan and no one could doubt his sincerity, but the fact remains that he was used as a pawn by the Clinton campaign.

Finally one person made this observation steeped in irony.

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