Hillary said something to Fox News that really bugged actor James Woods – no worries, he corrected her

In her first appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Hillary Clinton discussed the Benghazi terror attack and Russian intelligence hacking of the Democratic National Committee and her own email scandal.

But there was one particular subject that she and Fox News host Chris Wallace talked about that caught the eye of conservative actor James Woods — immigration policy. Fox News Sunday reported the former secretary of state’s view of one aspect of the issue.

And Woods caught something right away with this statement.

And his observation gave everyone an “aha” moment of clarity.

Clinton’s attempt to lump illegal immigrants with those who arrive in the United States legally didn’t get past Woods — or for that matter this person:

Some wondered why there was even a need to reform immigration law.

And taking it further, what of the issue of President Obama’s plan to open the gates for the flood of Syrian refugees?

Finally there was this:

You don’t reward people who break our immigration laws with a “path to citizenship.” All that does is to encourage more of the same.

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H/T: Twitchy

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