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Trump lowers boom on Michael Bloomberg–now says he was ‘disaster’

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Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s two most famous and recognizable billionaires, are at each others throats.

After three-term New York City Mayor Bloomberg blasted Trump as a “con” and “a dangerous demagogue” in his Democratic National Convention address, the Republican presidential nominee came back swinging.

Video from New York Post.

“Let’s elect a sane competent person with international experience,” Bloomberg told the delegates in his nomination speech for Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Trump made it clear, if you strike at him, he hits back harder.

He blasted Bloomberg’s record as mayor and even his small stature, on Twitter:

He followed that one with another:

But, those statements don’t quite align with what he’d said four years earlier, when he sang Bloomberg’s praises.

The game of politics really never changes, does it?

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