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GOP convention crowd erupts into some awkward antics when Preibus mentions Mitch McConnell

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While opening the Republican National Convention (RNC), Chairman Reince Preibus was met with boos after he mentioned Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky by name.

Preibus was in the middle of nominating and calling for an audience vote to appoint McConnell as the temporary chairman of the GOP convention, when all of a sudden, he heard cheers and some unexpected jeers.

After receiving a less-than-sweeping ‘yes’ vote to nominate McConnell as temporary chair, Preibus laughed off the opposition, saying “It’s pretty clear guy, I’m sorry.”

Some Twitter users were not happy with McConnell’s appointment:


McConnell is often viewed by the party’s Conservative-wing as being a member of the GOP establishment and Washington elite, garnering backlash on issues like immigration, trade and Obamacare.

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