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‘White Lives Matter’ protesters fly Confederate flags, make some people VERY unhappy – see clashes

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Racial animosity between blacks and whites is building at an alarming rate in the United States and nowhere was that more apparent than in a clash Sunday between “White Lives Matter” protesters and African-American onlookers.

With a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing that nearly three-quarters of American voters say race relations in the United States are bad — the highest percentage in the poll’s history — a small group of white separatists took to the streets in downtown Dallas on Sunday.

The protesters waved Texas and Confederate flags and some wore “White Lives Matter” t-shirts as they paid their respects to fallen officers, Fox4News reported — three more officers were murdered in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

And there was no denying the anger as the white separatists were challenged — Dallas Morning News reporter Elizabeth Djinis captured the tense moments on camera:

Dallas police officers, who’ve seen more than enough with the deaths of five of their fellow officers by a black assassin last week, quickly stepped between the two groups:

Scott Lacy, who is with the Aryan Renaissance Society, told the Fox affiliate that they are not the racists.

“I’m sorry but the media is biased. And they’re gonna paint us as haters and racists and all of that but that’s not what this is all about,” Lacy said. “We keep on being approached by these… people over here. And they keep on threatening us … they’ve thrown rocks at us and they’ve spit at us.”

Either way, the clashes continued in what could only be described as a tinder box waiting to be ignited. Djinis noted on Twitter that “at least one White Lives Matter is carrying a gun” — Texas is an open-carry state:

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