CNN fears Trump supporters coming to GOP convention ‘with their weapons’ – no fear about cop assassins?

With another three police officers murdered Sunday in Baton Rouge, bringing the death toll at the hands of two black assassins to eight cops in just over a week, CNN is worried about Donald Trump supporters exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Driven by “the Trump rhetoric,” of course.

Appearing Sunday on “The Situation Room,” CNN contributor Michael Smerconish “smeared gun rights advocates”  in a segment set up  by host Wolf Blitzer, who spoke of the 2016 Republican National Convention in context with recent world events, to include the terrorist attack in Nice, France, the coup in Turkey and Sunday’s murder of three police officers in Baton Rouge, according to the Media Research Center.

“As you know and have been discussing, it’s an open carry environment,” Smerconish said of Cleveland, Ohio, where the GOP convention is being held. “And I’m concerned about the Trump rhetoric in firing up individuals who would be inclined to show up with their weapons as some Second Amendment solidarity movement.”

In the same breath, Smerconish made an astonishing call for folks to temper their rhetoric in such volatile times.

“It’s a time for lessening the emotions and taking it down a notch, in my opinion,” he said with a straight face.

CNN’s Dana Bash picked up the baton from Smerconish when she expressed dismay that Ohio Gov. John Kasich refused to suspend Ohioans’ right to open carry — that darn meddling Constitution being what it is.

“I just asked the governor’s office for a statement, and the answer was, he’s not constitutionally able to do that,” she said, “It just doesn’t work like that. He just can’t kind of wave a magic wand or use his pen to do that.”

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