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‘I never thought I’d vote Republican!’ Famous liberal’s sister reveals she’s all in for Trump

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A stanch Democrat, who never thought she would find herself voting Republican, is doing just that this election cycle.

Teresa Sikorski, 63 years-old, the sister of former liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich, announced that she would be voting for GOP nominee Donald Trump after voting for Democrats her entire life, according to the Washington Post.

Her husband, Marty Sikorski, explained that he too, was a Trump, saying that there’s something about the Donald that comes off genuine and unlike any politician they’ve seen in their lifetime.

“Trump’s demeanor is a little out there, but he says what he means. He says what the working man says,” explains Marty Sikorski, 65, who used to do quality control for a firm that made fasteners. “He’s not a career politician, and they can’t buy him, and he won’t play their game.”

Although they concede that some of the things Trump says can be jarring, they see that as more evidence he is not simply another glad-hander selling talking points that have been polished to a sheen.

“I listened to everything he had to say. I understood it. I got it,” Teresa Sikorski added. “Everybody else — they’re liars.”

She counts presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among that latter group. In fact, her mistrust of Clinton predates her embrace of Trump.

Sikorski said she never in her life imagined that she would ever be voting for the GOP, but said there is something about the brash New Yorker that they can’t get enough of.

The longtime Democrats said they didn’t know how they would voting in the 2020 presidential election, hinting at possibly swinging back to Democrat, but said for this time around, it’s all about Trump.

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