You wont see this at Dems’ Convention! People moved to tears by what happened outside GOP convention

The 2016 Republican National Convention kicks off Monday in Cleveland and some attendees already in town made a special effort to show their support for law enforcement in response to three officers being murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Sunday’s attack marks the second assassination of cops by disgruntled black men in little more than a week, with the death toll now standing at eight when including the five officers killed in Dallas last week.

And at a time when police truly need the public’s support, Republican convention-goers gave a group of officers a rousing standing ovation as they passed by. CNN video producer Brenna Williams captured the inspirational moment on video:

CNN political reporter MJ Lee also recorded the officers being thanked for their service.

With the Black Lives Matter-driven “War on Cops” now in full swing, responded to Sunday’s show of support by challenging Democratic delegates to respond in a similar manner at their convention in Philadelphia at the end of July.

We hope they’ll prove us wrong, but the smart money says don’t hold your breath.

The sentiment was a common viewpoint, based on the reaction by social media users. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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