Trump’s website removes hidden message throwing shade at Obama, its replacement is just classic

Until recently, if you got a technical error while browsing President Trump’s website instead of a traditional “page not found,” the error message, if it worked correctly, […]

CNN lets Iranian protesters twist in the wind as it draws fire for coverage of Islamist regime

CNN’s reporting on the Iranian uprising is drawing fire for obscuring the dictatorial government’s brutal repression of a pro-democratic movement with roots in the 2009 “Green Movement.” […]

Justice Dept. does not appeal court’s transgender soldiers ruling and military will begin accepting recruits

Beginning January 1, transgender people will be permitted to enlist in the United States military, and the Trump administration is allowing it to happen … for now. […]

‘Big Bang’ star lashes out at ‘competitive moms,’ calls for them not to be so “catty and combative”

Actress Mayim Bialik has an interesting theory about why mothers are so competitive. In a video recently posted to her Facebook page, the “Big Bang Theory” star described […]

Bill Nye wants blue states to fight back against Trump with ‘economic sanctions’ for climate change

In the end, the progressive left’s totalitarian nature always bubbles to the surface. Bill Nye, the supposed “Science Guy,” warned conservatives to “watch out” during an appearance Friday […]

George Takei blasts Trump without any sense of irony: ‘Basement Twitter troll with nothing better to do’

Hyper-liberal, Trump-hating “Star Trek” actor George Takei, a man who stands accused of sexually assaulting a young model 26 years ago after spiking his drink, still wants Americans […]

Eric Bolling has a grand idea for all the blue states out there bemoaning Trump’s tax cuts

Eric Bolling may not be on the air at Fox News anymore, but that hasn’t stopped him from laying the hammer down on liberals and their never-ending […]

SG Obama-Harry3
Ex-president Obama lectured President Trump about being divisive on social media. No, seriously.

The man who arguably proved to be the most divisive president in U.S. history is now lecturing his successor on being divisive. No, seriously. In an interview […]

Roseanne Barr unloads in wild Twitter rant defending her vote for Trump – then promptly deletes it all

Um, never mind! Actress Roseanne Barr went on an impassioned, albeit rambling, Twitter rant about politics in America today and why she voted for President Trump, but […]

CNN found out whose white truck blocked them from viewing Trump’s golf game… and boy, are they mad!

CNN finally got to the bottom of the Scooby Doo mystery of whose white truck blocked them from reporting on Trump golfing at Mar-a-Lago over the Christmas […]

Ivanka Trump ripped for New Year’s Resolution to not be a sleep deprived mom with a White House job

On Wednesday, President Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka used Twitter to share her 2018 New Year’s resolution. The tweet included a link to a USA Today article about […]

Harvard Prof. Dershowitz shreds media’s outrage over Trump saying there’s ‘no crime’ for Russia collusion

On Friday, the world was once again set ablaze by an off-the-cuff remark by President Trump that liberal pundits in the media couldn’t wrap their collective minds […]