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Roseanne Barr unloads in wild Twitter rant defending her vote for Trump – then promptly deletes it all

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Um, never mind!

Actress Roseanne Barr went on an impassioned, albeit rambling, Twitter rant about politics in America today and why she voted for President Trump, but common sense and self-control appeared to get the better of her, as she proceeded to then delete the entire thing.

…as if it never happened.

Barr, whose groundbreaking family comedy “Roseanne” is returning to TV in 2018 with the original cast, tweeted on Wednesday that she is not a liberal, but a “radical” and explained that she voted for Trump to “shake up the status quo.”

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“4 those who wonder-back in the day when I was called a ‘liberal’ by journalists, I used to answer-‘I’m not a Liberal, I’m a radical’ & I still am-I voted Trump 2 shake up the status quo & the staid establishment,” she tweeted.


Barr then listed some of the reasons behind her choice, saying Trump “is draining the swamp” and “fighting pedophiles.” She noted “he likes Jews,” which “infuriates some people.”


But in post-Obama America, celebrities who fall short of adhering to the progressive agenda simply are not tolerated, and Barr saw plenty of backlash from those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The actress intimated on Thursday she had been threatened by Hillary Clinton fans.


By Friday, Barr appeared to have had enough, announcing that she was retiring. It is not clear if she meant from Twitter, or acting altogether. Either way, the nine-episode taping of the revival of her sitcom concluded two weeks ago, according to USA Today.

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“i won’t be censored or silence chided or corrected and continue to work. I retire right now. I’ve had enough. bye!— Roseanne Barr,” one tweet stated.


Barr seemed to indicate that she was referring to social media when she said that it’s “a waste of time to oppose fascists here. bye!”


Borrowing from the movie “War Games,” Barr added that she will not play “the game” anymore, whatever that means.


Not that the popular actress didn’t have her share of support, as seen when outspoken conservative actor James Woods, who knows a thing or two about running against the current in Hollywood, weighed in.

“I can’t wait to see Roseanne’s new show. People forget that her original show was a groundbreaker for working women who had families. Behind the comedy was some game changing political progressiveness. She’s a friend I greatly admire,” he tweeted.

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