The US media’s blackout of massive Iranian protests going on right now is a fascinating thing to behold

While anti-corruption protests against the Iranian regime intensify across the nation, the U.S. media’s blackout of the potentially historic event has been nothing short of breathtaking. It […]

SG Hagan
Pro Trump congressional candidate rages at local newspaper for shameless attack against her Christian faith

There is a WAR on Christianity in America! That’s according to Ohio state Rep. Christina Hagan, who shared a video online that detailed the treatment she received […]

Pharmacy owner opens fire on robbers who threatened him

Nick Givas, DCNF A pharmacy owner in Ohio opened fire on a group of robbers trying to steal from his store Friday, wounding one and scattering the […]

Trump’s DC hotel was supposed to lose money. It actually made enough $$$ to fill the swamp three times over.

Gabrielle Okun, DCNF Trump International Hotel in Washington., D.C. was projected to lose money, but it raked in a staggering $2 million in four months, according to […]

Eric Garner’s daughter dies after being in a coma

Amber Randall, DCNF The daughter of a police brutality victim died Saturday morning after suffering from a heart attack and sustaining some brain damage, according to a […]

Trump’s 2017 scorecard on immigration: Deportations down 37 percent across the US

The end result of President Donald Trump’s executive order prioritizing immigration enforcement in the interior of the country is that deportations are up 37 percent. The order […]

Dems claim GOP tax bill is killing charities, but December donations tell a different story

Robert Donachie, DCNF Nonprofits and other charitable organizations are seeing a significant uptick in donations this December, a phenomenon that many are attributing to changes the Republican […]

NFL fines player $6,000 for expressing himself in way that’s not insulting to troops or national anthem

It’s long been argued by NFL watchers that the league’s tolerance and even embrace of national anthem protests, initiated by anti-cop former player Colin Kaepernick, was hypocritical. […]

De Blasio chooses fellow socialist Bernie Sanders to swear him in for 2nd term as NYC Mayor

In what proves to be a fitting choice, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has selected Sen. Bernie Sanders to swear him in to office. De […]

Trump’s website removes hidden message throwing shade at Obama, its replacement is just classic

Until recently, if you got a technical error while browsing President Trump’s website instead of a traditional “page not found,” the error message, if it worked correctly, […]

CNN lets Iranian protesters twist in the wind as it draws fire for coverage of Islamist regime

CNN’s reporting on the Iranian uprising is drawing fire for obscuring the dictatorial government’s brutal repression of a pro-democratic movement with roots in the 2009 “Green Movement.” […]

Justice Dept. does not appeal court’s transgender soldiers ruling and military will begin accepting recruits

Beginning January 1, transgender people will be permitted to enlist in the United States military, and the Trump administration is allowing it to happen … for now. […]