Eric Bolling has a grand idea for all the blue states out there bemoaning Trump’s tax cuts

Eric Bolling may not be on the air at Fox News anymore, but that hasn’t stopped him from laying the hammer down on liberals and their never-ending hypocrisy.

Bolling’s latest body blow comes via his Twitter account, where he slammed elected officials in so-called “blue states” for complaining about the GOP tax bill:

Indeed, one of the key aspects of the GOP tax bill recently signed into law by President Trump includes a provision limiting deductions of state and local income and property taxes to $10,000. While most Americans are unaffected by this, some higher-income residents of states and localities that tax their citizens into the ground (a.k.a. ‘blue’ states, because taxing is what Dems love to do) will feel the effects. And the governors and legislators from these states are, ironically, crying foul.

Ironically, because one would think Democratic governors would be all about taxing the rich as much as possible. But then again, non-hypocrisy has never been a liberal strong point.

The latest example of liberal crying comes from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who questioned the constitutionality of the law and threatened legal action, but also may be considering an overhaul of New York’s massively high tax code.

In other words, exactly what Bolling is suggesting.

Twitter reaction to the former Fox News host’s tweet was mostly positive. Like him or not, it’s tough to argue with unassailable logic.

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