The star’s already beginning to fade for Gallup’s ‘most admired man’ Obama after Trump’s first year

After a ten-year run, Gallup’s most admired man may soon no longer be former President Obama. The number of respondents naming Obama the man they admired most […]

Prof who blamed ‘Trumpism’ for Vegas shootings resigns, blames right-wing ‘internet mobs’

There’s only so much crazy even the most liberal universities will put up with. Far-left professor George Ciccariello, whose controversial remarks include claiming “Trumpism” was responsible for […]

Hillary Clinton wants everyone to know it’s ‘totally crazy’ to think FBI could be ‘anti-Trump’

Hillary Clinton surfaced on Twitter to retweet a Harvard Law professor’s conspiracy theory that the FBI was biased against her, and not President Trump. “Retweet if you agree […]

Petition makes rounds declaring Markle ‘unsuitable’ for royal family because of divorce … and views on Trump

Not everyone is fond of Prince Harry’s bride-to-be. An online petition gaining signatures says the Prince’s fiancée, American actress Meghan Markle, is “unsuitable” to be a member of […]

The top 10 leftwing college outrages of 2017 are every bit as insane as you’d imagine

Campus Reform Staff, Campus Reform Campus Reform published more than 1,500 articles this year exposing liberal bias and abuse on college campuses, so we let our readers determine […]

Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff, unscripted interview with NYT reporter on golf course lights the Internet on fire

On Thursday, the New York Times’ Michael Schmidt was able to reach President Donald Trump, accompanied by Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, on a Mar-a-Lago golf course. While […]

You too? Bono slams Trump as a “post-truth” President leading a “post-trust” country

Lest there be any confusion, Bono made clear he’s no fan of President Trump. The U2 front man derided the president in a Rolling Stone interview, calling […]

Congressman wants to give Americans a refund if Colts players pull a national anthem protest at NFL game

Some Indianapolis football fans may be able to get a refund for their NFL tickets if Colts players refuse to stand for the national anthem. That’s what Republican […]

One of clearest signs of Trump Derangement Syndrome yet: Actor screams futilely at Disney World’s ‘Hall of Presidents’

In another epic display of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that afflicts the left, one man’s attempt to make a difference in his sad world only earned him […]

Conservative CNN guest learns the one word that will make Don Lemon explode in fury

Throughout history, various cultures have documented ‘magic words’ that can perform powerful acts upon their incantation. ‘Abracadabra’ traces back to a mysterious 2nd century scribe known only […]

Daily Caller: If US cut funding to all nations that voted ‘no’ on Jerusalem, it would save over $24 billion

President Trump’s bold threat to nations voting against his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem may turn out to be a major benefit […]

Ben Stein is no fan of the GOP tax bill — and he absolutely rips it to shreds on Fox Business

President Trump’s first major legislative act, the passage of the GOP tax bill, came with a load of compromises to all camps within the Republican Party, but […]

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