Daily Caller: If US cut funding to all nations that voted ‘no’ on Jerusalem, it would save over $24 billion

President Trump’s bold threat to nations voting against his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem may turn out to be a major benefit to the American economy.

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announcing plans to relocate the U.S. Embassy there was a move that ignited international backlash and a UN referendum condemning the action, calling on Trump to rescind his decision. Nothing could be further from the president’s mind, however, as he doubled down by threatening to cut off funding to nations that voted against the U.S. move.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley called out the nations for their “insult” and delivered a scathing rebuke after 128 countries voted that Trump’s Jerusalem decree was “null and void.”

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The Daily Caller crunched the numbers to find what would happen if Trump followed through on his threat to pull the funding to the countries, and the result is staggering. The United States would save more than $24 billion – and that is just in one year.

Countries that voted against the U.S. were listed by the Daily Caller, along with the 2106 U.S. financial obligations to each nation, according to information from USAid.gov.

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The figures ranged from relatively insignificant amounts like $1,269 to Sweden, to a stunning $1,239,291,240 for Egypt. Other nations included Afghanistan, with $5,060,306,050; Ethiopia with $1,111,152,703; Iraq with $5,280,379,380 and the United Republic of Tanzania with $628,785,614.

Some of the nations, such as Monaco, New Zealand and Netherlands, voted against Trump’s decision on Jerusalem but received no U.S.funding.

In total, if the president were to follow through on his threat and cut off American financial obligations to these 128 nations, the average savings per country would amount to $205,795,526, according to the Daily Caller. Even more significant, the grand total of $24,485,383,599 would certainly be a huge plus for America’s own economy.

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