Global warming ravages East Coast as even sharks are turning up dead from the ‘cold shock’

Can liberals remind us why they ever said we were supposed to believe in global warming? Residents of Brewster, Massachusetts were shocked to find the carcasses of […]

Students applaud Brown’s adoption of ‘Pocahontas policy’ that would thrill Elizabeth Warren

“I feel weird talking about this as…um…not a person of color. Um…”  

screenshot trump calls cnn fake news
Trump campaign committee asks supporters to vote on ‘King of Fake News’ story: Nominees are…

The nominations are in and the suspense is palpable. So, who will win the coveted title of “KING of Fake News?” That’s right, President Donald Trump’s campaign […]

Trump sends mainstream media into a frenzy with tweet about wanting ‘global warming’ for New Year’s

Under President Trump, mainstream media shills keep proving that they can’t take a joke. The left erupted in outrage Thursday evening when President Trump tweeted about record […]

Ivanka attacked by frothing-at-the-mouth liberals when they spot confederate flag in background of photo

Ivanka Trump got blasted on social media after Huffington Post writer Ashley Feinberg spotted a Confederate flag in one of her Florida vacation photos. Ivanka tweeted a […]

‘United’ passenger bumped by Sheila Jackson Lee fires back at Dem. Congresswoman for calling her racist

The school teacher whose first class seat on a United Airlines flight was given to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is firing back at the Democrat congresswoman’s cries […]

‘He doesn’t do anything’: President Trump rips ‘all talk’ Joe Manchin

Henry Rogers, DCNF  President Donald Trump blasted West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in an interview with The New York Times Thursday night. Trump criticized Manchin and […]

Dr. Phil show accused of giving addicts drugs & alcohol before taping interviews

Staffers at Dr. Phil McGraw’s daytime television show allegedly supplied drugs and alcohol to guests of the show in order to create a better on-air appearance and […]

Ana Navarro rips into Steve Bannon on CNN: Only exists because ‘secretive billionaires’ fund him

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro could care less about Steve Bannon. The Republican strategist and commentator thinks the Breitbart News executive chairman and former Trump Chief Strategist is simply […]

Tim Kaine’s son sentenced for role in Trump protest

Henry Rodgers, DCNF The son of Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine was sentenced to probation Wednesday for his role in a protest against President Donald Trump. Linwood […]

Billy Graham’s granddaughter appears on CNN and goes on unholy rant against President Trump

Someone died and made Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Jerushah Armfield, king because she thinks it’s her job to pass judgment on others. Armfield trashed President Trump and his supporters, […]

Marie Harf had the nerve to go on national television and claim Trump’s success against ISIS for ex-president Obama

At the close of 2017, ISIS has reportedly lost 98 percent of its territory, has seen most of its so-called “caliphate” captured and is down to less than […]

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