George Takei blasts Trump without any sense of irony: ‘Basement Twitter troll with nothing better to do’

Hyper-liberal, Trump-hating “Star Trek” actor George Takei, a man who stands accused of sexually assaulting a young model 26 years ago after spiking his drink, still wants Americans to think he has some sort of moral voice to lend to the current political debate.

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Instead of shutting down his Twitter account and retreating into a cave somewhere, or a basement, the former “Star Trek” actor is now calling President Trump “nothing more than a basement Twitter troll” who has “nothing better to do than stoke his base and feed his pathetic ego.”

Wow, pot, kettle much, George Takei?

The irony of the former “Star Trek” actor, known of late for using his Twitter account to troll conservatives, calling someone else a “basement Twitter troll” is almost too rich to be true. And yet there it is, in 240 characters or less.


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Scott Morefield


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