Trump touches down in US after 11-day Asia tour. Then people spot something remarkable about his return

President Donald Trump is back in the United States after a whirlwind 11-day tour of Asia. While abroad, the president and the first lady toured Japan, South […]

A fake WaPo reporter has been calling Alabama voters asking for Roy Moore “dirt”–his name is CLASSIC

In Alabama, nothing’s ever a given when it comes to politics. Except that an election can quickly go south. Take the Roy Moore and Doug Jones special […]

Sports reporter puts sick burn on ESPN after noticing something odd about its UCLA players coverage

ESPN faced quite the dilemma Tuesday after President Trump became the focus of a positive news story impacting the sports world. President Donald Trump successfully helped to […]

Shep Smith defended HRC & Uranium One, then faced an ungodly Twitter storm the likes he’s never seen

Fox News’ Shepard Smith was at it again on Tuesday as he defended Hillary Clinton’s handling of Uranium One. Fox’s Shep Smith takes apart the Uranium One […]

France grapples with age of consent laws after man gets away with sex with 11-year-old victim

For once, the feminists may be right.

Supreme Court justices keep ‘missing’ important conflicts of interest and experts are getting worried

The justices tend to be coy as to their reasons … court-watchers to speculate as to motive.

FBI: Anti-white hate crimes are fastest growing in America. What’s decreasing, you would never expect

The data shows a decrease in a …

Rep. Luis Gutierrez plays ‘gotcha’ by bringing up Trump dossier, Sessions promptly destroys him

In the end, Gutierrez was left with his mouth nearly hanging open.

ICE sends warning shots to Trump: Corrupt Obama holdovers must go, NOW

” It’s embarrassing to call these people our bosses.”

Trey Gowdy confronts Jeff Sessions at Congressional hearing – after one question he asks…FIREWORKS

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy delivered an impassioned speech on the meaning of “justice” at the Jeff Sessions hearing that had the effect of being accusatory in […]

Getty Takei - SG Boris
George Takei blames Russian bots for attention on sexual assault claims against him

“Russia did it”

Jon Stewart wants America to know: ‘Not everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag’

Jon Stewart is really hoping you don’t think everyone in Hollywood is a total sleaze.

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