Trump touches down in US after 11-day Asia tour. Then people spot something remarkable about his return

President Donald Trump is back in the United States after a whirlwind 11-day tour of Asia.

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While abroad, the president and the first lady toured Japan, South Korea, China, South Vietnam, and the Philippines.

President Trump set out with the objective of uniting allies like the Japanese, and courting the Red Chinese, to get behind the administration’s hard line stance on North Korea.

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The Chinese rolled out the red carpet for President Trump, who wooed the communists with no small help from the First Lady and his Mandarin Chinese-speaking granddaughter.

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Even critics like CNN have called his trip a “success,” while noting without irony that the president is finding victories easier to score abroad than at home.

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The president issued a simple declaration: “All countries dealing with us on trade know that the rules have changed.”

After 20,295 miles on his 11-day tour  – Obama’s longest trip had been a 10-day tour in 2014 – President Trump paced on the South Lawn up to the White House.

Trump issued an announcement but only gave the indication that it would be “major”:

Then people noted the president’s return:

If the president’s goal were to “Make America Great Again,” he would have to do it on his own terms and largely on his own in D.C..

After the 11-day Asia trip, President Trump walked, a man alone, bent on finding success for the nation.

Kyle Becker


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