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Jon Stewart wants America to know: ‘Not everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag’

Jon Stewart. Video screen grab via TMZ. (Video of interview is below.)

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Jon Stewart is really hoping you don’t think everyone in Hollywood is a total sleaze.

The former late night funny man seemed a little more than uncomfortable when TMZ caught up with him and asked about the sexual scandals rocking Hollywood.

Stewart is set to host HBO’s upcoming “Night of Too Many Stars,” and was asked about the networks decision to yank comedian Louis C.K. from the lineup.

“I think it was [the right decision],” Stewart said. “I think we all feel sh***y about what happened.

“Comedy is a hard business for women, without that other stuff on top of it,” Stewart said.

The “other stuff” in this case, would be allegations of gross sexual misconduct that surfaced last week. C.K. was quick to come out and admit his wrongdoing with a shocking and crude statement.

When Stewart was asked if sexual harassment is the “norm in Hollywood” he responded by saying not everyone in Hollywood is a “scumbag.”

“I can’t say to you, oh yeah, everybody you like is a scumbag. No, that’s not been my experience,” Stewart said. “But I do believe there are systemic issues that make it harder for women to be addressed.”

During his short street interview, Stewart repeatedly focused on women being the sole victims of rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood. But, numerous reports of sexual abuse towards men, and especially young boys have also emerged and should not be ignored.

To say that sexual misconduct in Hollywood is “the norm” sadly seems to be an understatement.

You can watch Stewart’s uncomfortable interview below:



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