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George Takei blames Russian bots for attention on sexual assault claims against him

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“Star Trek” star George Takei denied the allegations made by a former model that the actor spiked his drink and sexually assaulted, claiming he doesn’t recall knowing the man.

…even though he all but admitted doing just that in an interview with Howard Stern!

In effect, the famed “Mr. Sulu” character insisted his accuser, Scott Brunton, is from another galaxy, even though Brunton shared intimate details of the incident he said happened in the 1980s, asking only for an apology.

Takei, an LGBT activist and far-left zealot, choose to boldly go where Democrats have gone before, blaming Russia for the salacious claim getting so much attention.

That’s right, the Russians did it!

The actor took to Twitter Monday to say Russian bots are pushing the harmful charge  against him — though the tweets failed to stand up to the test of ridicule, as Takei was quick to delete them.


Playing the role of victim, his first tweet stated: “A friend sent me this. It is a chart of what Russian bots have been doing to amplify stories containing the allegations against me. It’s clear they want to cow me into silence, but do not fear friends. I won’t succumb to that.”

Takei believes his voice is important enough that Russians moved to silence him. All because he criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stance on gay rights.

A follow-up tweet noted that this is not a new development for him.

“By way of background,” he said, “when I criticized Putin’s anti-LGBT policies publicly, Russian bots attacked my FB page relentlessly, and we had to develop special security measures and ban all traffic from within the Russian Federation and the Ukraine. I am accustomed to their practices.”

Of course, this is a clever attempt to suggest Russia is trying to discredit a high-profile celebrity with a history of criticized President Trump. Another far-reaching attempt to buoy thus far unsubstantiated collusion charges.

Either way, social media users had a difficult time covering the stretch… here’s a small sampling of reactions from Twitter — at least Sulu offers much-needed entertainment value amid such serious times:

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