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Rep. Luis Gutierrez plays ‘gotcha’ by bringing up Trump dossier, Sessions promptly destroys him

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had an explosive day on Capitol Hill. One of the top highlights of his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was his back-and-forth with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

As you may remember, Rep. Gutierrez is the congressman who called Chief of Staff John Kelly–a retired four-star Marine Corps. General and Gold Star father–a “disgrace to the uniform.”

Gutierrez smugly tried to play “gotcha” with Sessions, but the Attorney General brushed off the Democrat’s attempts to get in a favorable sound clip.


As it turns out, Gutierrez did manage to create a number of memorable remarks for the press. Unfortunately, none of them are favorable to him!

The Illinois congressman made Attorney General Sessions an odd offer to simultaneously put an end to investigations of both President Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“Before I begin, I think I have a solution that could allow the committee to move on to other important national matters like gun control and immigration.

“Your side clearly wants an investigation of Hillary Clinton, and our side has been begging for months to hold hearings and start an investigation of the Trump administration and campaign’s improper ties to Mr. Putin and the Russian government. …

“I propose we simply go to the President and the former Secretary of State and ask them both to resign.

Gutierrez later admitted that he realized Clinton is no longer Secretary of State–and used that fact to dismiss any investigation of her misdeeds as irrelevant.


The liberal champion also tried to hit Sessions with charges of lying under oath, saying that the Attorney General has lied about having contact with Russians.

Gutierrez’s evidence? A Mother Jones article.

But Sessions was quick to set the record straight, reminding the committee that the denial of communication with Russians to which Gutierrez referred was a response to a question by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) when the Attorney General testified before the Senate.

Sessions’ answer had been in response to the inquiry about whether he had been “participating in a continuing series of meetings with intermediaries for the Russian government.” That’s what Sessions denied. He never said he never met a Russian in his life!

In the end, Gutierrez was left with his mouth nearly hanging open. And Americans were reminded why no one takes the congressman seriously.


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