Ann Coulter & fellow Americans slap back George Soros’ dire warning about ‘would-be dictator’ Trump

“Icing on Trump victory is watching billionaire manipulator in disbelief…”

Desperate Tom Arnold foolishly uses photos, tweets to dare gamers into hacking for Trump information

What’s with this guy?

Mike Rowe’s heartrending exchange with mom of terminally ill soldier goes viral for all the right reasons

“I know his freedom is now being removed one day at a time.”

president donald trump twitter
‘Business as usual’ is over. MSM aghast when Spicer floats replacing press conferences with social media

The mainstream media is clutching its pearls at the thought.

Outrageous amount Obamas spent on travel considered ‘abuse’ by Watchdog group. What say you?

“Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime…”

You mean Hillary, right? Informed folks take issue with George Takei’s regrettable statement on treason

Proving once again, libs live in their own bubble.

Russian Embassy literally uses a ‘lame duck’ to mock ‘hapless’ Obama admin

“How did it get this way?”

Comedian DL Hughley’s racial ‘joke’ about Debbie Reynold’s death crosses the line for just about everyone


‘Deceitful’ article goes viral, but here’s what Julian Assange ACTUALLY said about Donald Trump

Fake news alert.

Missouri Congressman hangs painting in US Capitol depicting cops as pigs

It’s an outrage.

Kellyanne Conway raises eyebrows, wonders if Russian sanctions were meant to ‘box in’ Trump

“All we heard all through the election is Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Charlie Sheen’s ridiculous excuse for Trump death tweet earns as many laughs as it does eye rolls

Charlie Sheen apparently got a thesaurus for Christmas, and used it bigly to excuse his Donald Trump death wish. In an incoherent tweet, Sheen slammed the media for […]

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