Charlie Sheen’s ridiculous excuse for Trump death tweet earns as many laughs as it does eye rolls

Charlie Sheen apparently got a thesaurus for Christmas, and used it bigly to excuse his Donald Trump death wish.

In an incoherent tweet, Sheen slammed the media for overreacting to his prayer that God kill Trump next.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star concluded his blithering by reminding everyone that “by the way, I was talking to God, not you.”

Such big words, Charlie!

As usual, Twitter snarked back hilariously.

Many reminded Sheen that using big words won’t obscure the fact that he prayed for a president’s death.

Some pointed out that tweeting is not the same as praying (which most people do privately), and suggested that Sheen send God a direct message the next time he has a request.

Others remarked that Charlie Sheen is a perfect example of how drugs can ruin your life. Sheen, who’s HIV-positive, has a well-documented history of substance abuse.

When liberals tried to mock conservatives for being outraged that Sheen prayed for Trump’s death and was retweeted more than 46,000 times, conservatives quickly put them in their place.

Charlie further embarrassed himself by tweeting that he and Ted Cruz can beat Trump in the 2020 election.

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