Desperate Tom Arnold foolishly uses photos, tweets to dare gamers into hacking for Trump information

Tom Arnold’s obsession with Donald Trump’s videos from “The Apprentice” has driven him to soliciting criminal activity.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, the comedian invited hackers to break into the supposed WordPress portal that contains Trump’s tax returns. He also tweeted a photo of what was supposedly the database for MGM where he alleged stores 14 years worth of scandalous “The Apprentice” footage.

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If someone uses that information to actually perform a hack, Arnold might find himself in a tough situation.

But he has drawn a false equivalence to what Wikileaks did to Hillary Clinton’s campaign before Trump ever mentioned a word about hacking.

Stunningly Arnold said he does not hate Trump.

The actor previously said he watched video of Trump using racial slurs on the videos but when he was unable to produce them he said they were only viewable with a temporary password.

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He also claimed that Hollywood, the same Hollywood that lined up against Trump during the election, was protecting him.

Perhaps he is still lamenting the mistake he made that he believes cost him his chance to be Trump’s vice president.

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