Comedian Norm Macdonald explains exactly why he thinks everyone will end up loving Trump

“A truly fresh perspective.”

Florida shopper irate when he sees magazine with Trump covered-up, but Publix says there’s a reason…

“I was flabbergasted. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it.”

‘Pronouns matter!’ University proudly hands out pins with preferred pronouns to students

“Because gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual.”

Chaos escalates when belligerent couple being thrown off plane turn on cheering crowd

“…but his troubles with law enforcement may only be the beginning.”

WaPo reporter investigating Trump admits he shot himself in the eye with a ‘glitter gun’

Why would anyone admit this?

New rule now allows NYPD officers to wear beards and turbans at work for religious reasons

“We’re making this change to make sure that we allow everybody in New York City…”

White House expected to ramp up international tensions and announce sanctions against Russia

“Russian vows retaliation.”

It doesn’t go well for convicted felon who confronted cops with gun to prove ‘police brutality’ theory

“Soon as I hit the ground I just attempted to play dead.”

Putin’s big Syria play notably leaves Kerry and Obama in the dust

“…significant embarrassment to the Obama administration.”

HuffPo editor stuns on MSNBC, admits Obama presided over the ‘destruction of the Democrat Party’

“What were the electoral benefits that he gave to the party?”

Liberals LOSE IT when they learn rookie NFL quarterback gave teammates firearms for Christmas

“This is an awesome gun. I’m excited about it.”

Bristol Palin slams 11 Hollywood ‘sissies’ too chicken to perform at Trump’s Inauguration

“Because he will be inaugurated as the next Republican president…”

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